The Voice of a Generation

While I wasn’t a hardcore Soundgarden fan, I am saddened that Chris Cornell’s passing means we are left with just Eddie Vedder. Now he is the voice of a generation, because everyone else is dead.

For this reason alone, Dave Grohl is not allowed to die.

5 Comments on “The Voice of a Generation

  1. Voices of Generations, Ranked:

    1. Kurt Cobain
    2. Chris Cornell
    3. Dave Grohl
    4. Freak Nasty
    5. Eddie Vedder

    1. I’d still put Scott Weiland in there. STP mattered.

      I don’t know if he beats out Freak Nasty, though.

  2. I am not from your generation, but a lot of my generation’s voices were stilled at young ages. Well, not all of them were known for their voices. Some were known more for their guitar work. It just seems like super talented people are often sad people. They make it to the pinnacle and they don’t know how to handle it. They are empty in the end and they know it. I was a big fan of Jim Morrison’s music. He was a very weird person to say the least. I thought he had a lot of talent. He wasted that talent on alcohol and drugs. Jimi Hendrix was yet another example of wasted talent. Perhaps they wanted to go out while they were on top. It’s very interesting when you realize that these two talented people as well as a number of others who died young all those decades ago, are legends even though they lived such short lives. I don’t think there are many who can pull that off. It’s not because they died young either. Miley Cyrus could die right now and no one would remember her because she has zero talent. Morrison and Hendrix acted like goofs but at least they had talent.

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